Friday, February 26, 2010

MISS LACEY - DAY 10 - "A Different Dog"

Lacey and I woke up to a foot of snow and a bright new attitude.  She was giddy from the moment she woke up.  We stepped outside and we just started running around (as we were the first people to step foot in the snow around Roosevelt Park, the snow was really deep)

We played for about 45 minutes, but as my hands and feet were freezing (and i imagine her paws were too), we headed inside.

A quick dry-off session followed by Lacey's breakfast then led to what is (I hope) becoming a routine.  We played fetch again.  I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbor hates me now, but really, I'm okay with that.  She's very good & never fights about giving up her toy. I almost think she's part retriever!

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  1. Mine used to fetch when she was young but i went in the service for 6yrs and when i returned she seemed to have forgotten I think it is not a natural thing as willy used to only sort of bring the ball back . But she was certainly good exercise.