Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lacey slept in the bed with me all night. She started out at the foot of the bed, but every time I woke up, she was a little bit closer. Finally, this morning, I had to move her because i was pinned against the wall ( I think we were spooning).

She was very excited when I took out her leash. She definitely wanted to go out and she let me slip the leash and collar right on her.

The problem with the stairs came back ten fold for the way down. Lacey started shaking and wouldn't go near the stairs. I tried to coax her for about 10 minutes, but knowing she had to go badly (as it had been at least 10 hours) I picked her up and carried her down 4 flights. The moment she saw the outside, she was fine with the stairs. I think she wasn't fully aware that down the stairs was the way out.

We walked for about 30-40 minutes, running into several dogs and people. She isn't the least bit interested in the other dogs, but the people frighten her. All of the new sights and sounds seemed to be a bit of a shock to her. However, when she walked, she walked HARD and tends to pull. She went 1 & 2 after about 15 minutes of walking. After that, we walked around the block a few times. I'm trying to get her used to the area and the sounds of the city. It definitely feels like she is a nature dog as she preferred to walk on the snow, rather then the concrete.

Once we got back to my apartment building , she seemed to recognize it right away. She had no problem at all with the stairs and went straight up to my apartment, no fighting at all. She walked right inside, sat down, and let me take of her leash and collar. She jumped up onto the bed (her new favorite sleep space) and watched me prepare her food. She is not food driven at all, at least not yet. I made her a bowl of food, and refilled her water. She took to the water, but left the food be. I think I need to contact the shelter and see what she was eating.

Next, a funny thing happened while I was taking my morning shower. She kept running into the bathroom, would wait for me to open the curtain, and then would walk out. This happened about 6 times. I took it as her "checking up on me" but we will see if it becomes a habit.

As I got ready for work, she laid on the bed watching me. She still hadn't touched her food, but hopefully thats just her adjusting.

The hardest thing this morning was leaving with her in her crate. She went in perfectly fine and laid right down, but a dog behind bars looks 1000 times more sad then a dog on a bed.

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