Friday, February 19, 2010


Just a short post to fill in on our afternoon/evening activities.

She, for the second day, came right out of her crate when I got home and was happy to see me.  Tail wagging.

We had two walks this evening.  One, with the Gentle Leader and one with the slip lead.  She did well on both walks.  She took very well to the gentle leader, but I'm not sure if it really made that much difference yet.  Granted, it takes more than one try to train a dog.

She's reacting better on the walks in general.  Staying with me, and not pulling quite so much.  I can keep her at my heel about 80 percent of the time with very little effort.  However, I am finding that she does like her specific route that we have been taking.  I tried to mix it up this evening and go down a different street... she wasn't too keen on the idea.  We're going to try some longer walks this weekend, maybe to the park, so hopefully we can get past that block.  (pun intended?)

Well, as you can tell by the picture, she's a real sweetheart.

Bed time for us now.  She's busy snoring and kicking me and well, I need to catch up.

Take care.

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  1. Hey Jeff and Lacey. My name's Lauren and I got this link from Kerri from RRRI. I was the girl who was supposed to pick up Lacey to foster her from the shelter when that couple picked her up who eventually brought her back. Ugh! What people!

    Well, she looks like she's doing very well with you, and I am insanely jealous you get to foster this gem but very happy she is getting the tlc she deserves!! you seem like you are taking EXTRA good care of her :) If you ever need me to care for her if u go away for the weekend or something let me know-i'd love to sit her!

    -Lauren (