Friday, February 19, 2010


This morning was another great morning.

After we woke up, Lacey watched me from the bed while I got ready.  The moment I pulled out her leash, she was up, tail wagging, spinning in circles at my feet.  This was the most excited I have ever seen this little girl get!  I sat down on the couch and she came right over and let me slip on her lead.  Out the door and down the stairs she goes! No hesitation at all.  I even had to stop because I dropped my keys, but it didn't even phase her.

We went on a nice hour-long walk around the Lower East Side this morning.  She's still pulling, but I think that that is fear based.   When she gets a little overwhelmed,  she speeds up to try to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Right now I am using a slip leash to walk Miss Lacey.  Its similar to a choke collar, but is made of fabric, slips over her neck, and tightens if she pulls too hard.  I have found these types of leashes/collars to be difficult with Rhodesians.  Rhodesians tend to have long necks (plus they are tall), and it is very difficult to keep the leash stationed at the base of their heads.  Therefore, completely taking away our ability to lead the dog.

In a simliar story, a harness called "The Gentle Leader" helped fix this problem with Oritte's dog.  Oritte had tried choke collars, regular collars, slip collars, and even the pronged collars (ew).  Gemma, mind you, is a 90+ pound, six-year-old  Rhodesian Ridgeback female, and if she decides where the walk is going, not only will you go where she wants, but you will end up at the pet store every time.  (She's sly like that).  In an amazing turn of events, Gemma took to the "Leader" right away and her walks became so much easier.

I'm planning on going to the pet store to pick up one of these harnesses.  It may be a long shot, but I want to see how she handles it.  The times during her walk that I had her current harness placed properly, she walked right next to me and didn't pull.  So, I hope, if she doesn't mind the harness on her head, she will take to it as well as Gemma. (BTW, Gemma is the beautiful dog in my profile picture)

Back to the apartment.  Stairs, no issue. Food, she gobbled it right up. She's still playing peek-a-boo while I shower, but afterward she just sits on my bed waiting for me to get ready.

Today was the first day that Lacey responded to a command.  I told her to come off the bed (she did), and then I motioned for her to "get in your crate" (she did, and laid down right away)

Leaving for work didn't hurt at much as the past few days.  Lacey seems to be much more at ease.  She's a good girl.

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