Monday, March 1, 2010


My mother was kind enough to let me know that I am a slacker and I have been neglecting my blog/sharing my days with Lacey with you (with her).  So, after a two day absence, here we go!

Lacey is becoming a better and more secure dog everyday.  She is feeling much better this week, and we have been enjoying a lot of playtime.  She has taken a liking to her rawhide bone as well as her "wubba" (a toy made by Kong) &  because of this, we have gotten the fetch thing down pretty well.  I honestly think I have more fun playing fetch than she does...

She's really been enjoying the snow over the past week.  Not only does she get to her "business" faster, but she also likes to jump around and play.  It's really nice when she gets into a play-mode outside, since she is normally in fear-mode.  I've been walking her with the gentle leader collar and dual looped leash to start teaching her not to pull and to stay behind me.  Its been three days and she's really starting to respond.  She doesn't like walking down the stairs with the leader on, but thats understandable, so I've started putting on the harness when we get downstairs.

After Lacey got sick last week, I decided to implement a "no laying on the furniture" rule.  I was a slack foster dad for the first week as I pretty much let her relax wherever she wanted to.  On Friday I started telling her "no" and making her lay on the floor next to me or would make her go to her crate to rest.  If you are wondering about her progress, she's lying at my feet right now while I type this on the couch.  (And I didn't even tell her to)

From the beginning of this blog I have suggested that Lacey is a really sweet dog.  I am finding that the more that we break through her fear-based issues, the more I am finding her to be a very smart dog.  All of Lacey's issues lie with trust and fear.  She is comfortable enough in my apartment now that she can be herself.  I have even started inviting friends over to meet her, and other than one time with my friend Eric, she has come out of her crate and greeted them/smothered them with love after about 5 minutes.  Once she works past the outside issues, she's going to be a really happy dog.


  1. I agree with your mom, you were slacking! :p I really want to meet Lacey/convince my boyfriend we need to adopt her lol.

    BTW you can take Lacey to Kabin, it's just a bar basically but they let dogs in (unofficially)... the owners really like dogs. I'm always looking for venues I can bring my dog to without sneaking her in/playing the "emotional support" card.

  2. Thank goodness we all have our mothers to keep us in-line. That comes from a daughter and mother of two boys (2 legged) and several girls (4 legged).
    Lacey is certainly a love and I applaud you for all you've done for her. Thank you.
    Do you know what he adoption status is? Any prospects and any time frame in mind? Interested but would like to know odds before throwing my hat into the ring for consideration.

  3. I'm actually not sure about her adoption status. If you want to contact Kerri Reino at 631-764-5335 or, she's the person at the organization who is handling Lacey. She could probably get you some more information.

    thanks for reading :) Lacey says hi

  4. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for Lacey. It was my sister who contacted the RR rescue after she came into the Islip shelter' She called them because once I saw Lacey I thought "she's a ridgie mix" and told her about your rescue. I am so glad you got her out of the shelter! I have 2 RRs myself, one full, and the other a mix. My full RR girl is a lot like Lacey, scared of new things, and new people, but once she gets over her fear she is a true lover!
    I hope Lacey can find a forever home soon, one that is deserving of such a sweet lovely girl!