Thursday, March 25, 2010

Xena days 1-3

Xena is a beautiful 9 year old Ridgeback. Her family had to give her up due to having twins that are allergic.

I picked Xena up Monday night from Jeff's apartment, and she perked up and even gave me a spare lick! We drove to my apartment uptown, and she entered the doggy kingdom. There were three chihuahuas running around my apartment (including mine, Lucy) and Xena walked around, sniffed a couple of buts, and then plopped down on her dog bed. Of course, as you can see form the pictures, she later decided the couch was more comfortable!

These past few days have been great with her. She sleeps right through the night, wakes up when you get up, and is ready to eat! Boy, this chica loves her food! She tried to go after Lucy's food, (the grass is always greener...) and responded to my "Xena, No" voice. I wonder why that doesn't work with my boyfriend... or my appetite... yikes!

Xena is a big follower. She attempts to come with me everywhere, in the shower, from bedroom to kitchen to living room, etc. But, I did swing by Magnolia Bakery today with her (that damn appetite again!) and Xena was happy to wait for me outside while I shoved cake down my throat and pretended I'm not obese. Right.

We walked for a good two hours today. She walks at a medium pace, stops every now and then to squeeze a few drops of pee out (I keep telling her she has nothing left!) and struts her stuff. She does not pull on the lead at all.

Xena isn't a huge fan of the dog run. I took her twice. She seemed to get kind of overwhelmed and just stood there. I'll try again later; maybe she's just nervous being that she just left her dad of 9 years, or maybe I am rubbing off on her and she wants to get home quick to watch Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives and pretend I'm that pretty.

On our long walk today, we went on a bit of window shopping... it seems wherever we go, Xena gets treats! (I wish that happened with me) So anyway, she is out right now... in total sleep mode.

That's all for now! More updates later!

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