Monday, March 8, 2010

SIMBA - Day 1

Everyone, MEET SIMBA! Simba, meet everyone.

Simba was brought to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue last night by his previous owner, Craig.   Craig and his family rescued Simba from a very scary previous situation, but due to their current dog and time constraints, didn't have time for a new puppy.

Simba's first owner got him to be a "warehouse dog".  He was left tied to a dumpster at an old warehouse day and night, seven days a week.  Craig stepped in after seeing this and offered to buy the dog from the previous owners.  They declined, but a day or two later came over and gave him the dog.

Simba was boarded for two weeks for observation and training. After that, Craig and his family had Simba for a few months, but decided it would be best for Simba to find a family that has the time and energy for a new young dog.

He definitely has all the energy that you can expect from a young hound mix (he's a bit over a year old), but knows basic commands that are helpful.  He sits before eating, can shake hands (paws), and even comes when you call.  He still plays a little rough, as puppies do, but that could go away quickly with training.  He's crate trained, so I have started using that as his "time-out".

He's very curious, and is good with new people and dogs.  We spent a good hour and a half walking and  playing in the dog park at Tompkins Square this morning, and other then his excitement over squirrels and birds, it was a great morning.  While he is normally very peppy and playful, he went into a very safe submissive state with the other dogs.  No aggression whatsoever.

Simba is a FANTASTIC dog, I'm sure we will find a home for him really soon.

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