Sunday, April 4, 2010

Xena in the sunshine!

What a great weekend with Xena! This weekend, we went to lunch together outdoors. I didn't even need to hold her leash. She took a snooze by my side in the sun and paid no attention to the food and people all around her.

Then we went on a very long walk around the upper west side apartment hunting. Whenever she is in a new place, she does the same routine... it's a bit of restlessness I think. She basically walks around and around the new space, smells everything, sits down, gets back up right away and continues to walk around. It takes some affirmative action on my part to get her to calm down, but once she does she is good to return to that space without the same anxiety.

Took Xena to Central Park. She loves it there!! Xena napped (she's such a napper!) in the sun in the park and got up a few times to look around. I did not have to worry about her trying to run away/wandering into the road or anything like that. She seemed to be able to block out the bikers, kids, dogs and all the like.

When I got home with Xena, she began her new "play" routine. This involves taking stuffed animals and throwing them around the room. She does this by picking them up with her mouth, shaking her head dramatically back and forth, and then finally letting go, as the stuffed animal flies across the room. It's quite funny!


  1. how is she doing now? Live on Long Island and was interested in her story.

  2. Xena is doing so, very well. She is not a problem dog at all... very easy. This week we spent a lot of time in central park together because the weather was great. She just loves soaking up sun rays... you don't have to worry about her trying to chase squirrels or bikes or anything, she's a gentle, calm girl.

    Her old parents gave her up and her beagle sister because of twins they had who were allergic. She's truly a gem, and I'd love to find her a loving permanent home, so please pass the word on to those you know who might be interested. Yes, she's an older girl, but she is the perfect dog for someone who wants a loyal companion, not an exercise buddy.

  3. Just spoke with Dennis Wolf about Xena. She sounds wonderful, and we are looking for a companion for us and our older Ridgeback (10 yrs old), as we just lost our 14-year-old Ridgeback girl a few weeks ago. We will submit an application tonight and hopefully get a chance to talk with you about her soon!
    Kind regards,

  4. I'll keep watching, if it works for Susan wonderful. if not, I might interested. I know seniors are hard to place. I have a decent size yard and two younger ones. She might be a good fit, plenty of places to snooze in the sun.

    what happen to the beagle? must of been hard to split them.

  5. Feel free to email me about her, I don't check the blog very often and it doesn't notify me when someone has commented.

    (In response to Anonymous' question) I'm not sure what happened to the beagle. Xena was sad the first few days and cried a bit, but she seems to have gotten past that and is enjoying life again :)